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June 23, 2016

Look Book | Floral Style

The Atlanta Wedding Stylist | Floral Style

OK, so you may ask …”What does floral style have to do with my bridal style?” Well I am here to answer!

After getting engaged it’s like your ring finger starts itching and won’t stop until you start buying dresses and shoes and shopping for all kinds of fun goodies for the wedding BUT I urge you to stop, pick a date and a venue and then let the shopping commence!

Here is where the two connect…after your venue and date are chosen you will be able to choose a baseline theme which will influence both your flowers and your bridal style. The time of year your wedding takes place will affect what type of gown you will choose. For example after you choose July as a wedding date…wouldn’t it stink to have already purchased a long sleeve-gown. Same goes for florals you will save tons of money choosing florals that match the season of your wedding. Choosing flowers that are out of season is not only costly but can also affect how vibrant and beautiful they are.

Moral of the blog : Wedding style is not one singular part of the wedding it is an integral part of the bigger picture. Choosing everything in the correct order will play a big part of making the day a huge success!!

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June 23, 2016

Look Book | Fancy Feet

The Atlanta Wedding Stylist

WEDDING SHOES!!! One of my favvvvorite topics. Well technically shoes period are one of my fav topics, so lets chat!

When choosing your wedding shoes it is imperative to think about not only how cute and fabulous they are but how functional they will be for the type of wedding day you will be having. Will it be outside? Are you walking in grass? Really hard dance-floor? Are all things you should consider. Also your wedding day is NOT the time to try something new in this case. If you are normally 3-3.5 inch girl do not shoot for 6 inches on your wedding day. You will end up uncomfortable and focused on walking versus on all the love going on around you.

Also remember your dress and shoes DO NOT have to match. I repeat do not have to match. I think your shoe is the time to show some flare, to bring in a color from your wedding or to add some additional spice to your ensemble. Your shoe will show up in mostly detail shots with jewelry and accessories so harping on if every crystal matches the crystals and beading on your gown is one thing you can let go… PINKY PROMISE!

Now last note because there are so many fun tips and tricks about shoes. However this last note is essential to the well being of your pinky toe!! Buy a cute flat shoe. Whether its a studded flip flop or a ballerina slipper you will use it! I have never assisted a bride who stayed her shoe the entire day. Be prepared and you and your feet will thank me later! You could even leave a note below! 🙂

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June 23, 2016

Look Book | Blushing Bride


Dear Blushing and Beautiful bride,

RELAX! Its easy for me to say because my journey to the aisle is over. I don’t have to make one hundred decisions daily, respond to 20 emails and pay invoices that resemble a mortgage BUT I have been there and my best advice is to relax and truly enjoy the process. It can be tedious and definitely wreaks havoc on your savings and checking however in the end you want to look back and say you have enjoyed the journey to Mrs.

Make sure you take the time to continue to date your “forever to be”. Try to set up limits on how long you will discuss the wedding or even discuss it on specific days only so it doesn’t consume your entire life. Spend time with your best friends outside of wedding events after all you were friends before and hopefully will be after. And my last bit of advice….GET A PLANNER!! He or she will be your BFF through the process. There are discounts,short cuts and insider information that are invaluable and that only they know. I hear ya,”Its just another invoice” but I promise this investment will be more then worth it!

So before I sound like an ad for Wedding planners everywhere I will jump off my soap box here. Did you have a planner? Are you on a journey to Mrs. or a Mrs. already? Leave comments below!