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June 23, 2016

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Dear Blushing and Beautiful bride,

RELAX! Its easy for me to say because my journey to the aisle is over. I don’t have to make one hundred decisions daily, respond to 20 emails and pay invoices that resemble a mortgage BUT I have been there and my best advice is to relax and truly enjoy the process. It can be tedious and definitely wreaks havoc on your savings and checking however in the end you want to look back and say you have enjoyed the journey to Mrs.

Make sure you take the time to continue to date your “forever to be”. Try to set up limits on how long you will discuss the wedding or even discuss it on specific days only so it doesn’t consume your entire life. Spend time with your best friends outside of wedding events after all you were friends before and hopefully will be after. And my last bit of advice….GET A PLANNER!! He or she will be your BFF through the process. There are discounts,short cuts and insider information that are invaluable and that only they know. I hear ya,”Its just another invoice” but I promise this investment will be more then worth it!

So before I sound like an ad for Wedding planners everywhere I will jump off my soap box here. Did you have a planner? Are you on a journey to Mrs. or a Mrs. already? Leave comments below!

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