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June 23, 2016

Look Book | Floral Style

The Atlanta Wedding Stylist | Floral Style

OK, so you may ask …”What does floral style have to do with my bridal style?” Well I am here to answer!

After getting engaged it’s like your ring finger starts itching and won’t stop until you start buying dresses and shoes and shopping for all kinds of fun goodies for the wedding BUT I urge you to stop, pick a date and a venue and then let the shopping commence!

Here is where the two connect…after your venue and date are chosen you will be able to choose a baseline theme which will influence both your flowers and your bridal style. The time of year your wedding takes place will affect what type of gown you will choose. For example after you choose July as a wedding date…wouldn’t it stink to have already purchased a long sleeve-gown. Same goes for florals you will save tons of money choosing florals that match the season of your wedding. Choosing flowers that are out of season is not only costly but can also affect how vibrant and beautiful they are.

Moral of the blog : Wedding style is not one singular part of the wedding it is an integral part of the bigger picture. Choosing everything in the correct order will play a big part of making the day a huge success!!